There are two things I constantly crave: good food and lots more time in the kitchen.

I am a wife and a mom with a hankering for all things food and daydream about the next meals I’m gonna prepare.  I’m obsessed with food blogs and I fantasize about creating my own line of true health food.  I cook to eat, to feed, to relax and to regroup.  My creations are usually fresh, organic, protein-rich, primal and always gluten-free, with some extra sweetness thrown in.  You can read here for more about my diet.

Inspired by the awesome blogs I visit, I created my own space to jot down my attempts at satisfying the grumbling tummies of my husband, growing toddler and me.  I’ll also share other bits of my world that, though not strictly food-oriented, help my family lead a healthier, more enriched life.

Thanks for stopping by and I really hope you’ll let me know what you think 🙂